Becoming a Woman After God’s Own Heart

Becoming a Woman After God’s Own Heart

For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His (2 Chronicles 16:9)

In the recent Disciple Class, we studied about Joshua, the various judges, King Saul and King David. We were asked to define what it means to “chase after god’s own heart”… I’ve never thought deeply about this matter… I assumed that as long as I have that thought lingering in my mind, some day, just some day… I’ll achieve it. But is it truly something that comes naturally? Or is it a choice that we have to make in every moment from dawn to dusk?

What is God looking for: He is looking for men and women whose hearts are His—completely. There are no locked closets. Nothing’s been swept under the rugs. That means that when you do wrong, you admit it and come to terms with it. You long to please Him in your actions. You care deeply about the motivations behind your actions. God is not looking for magnificent specimens of humanity. He’s looking for deeply spiritual, genuinely humble servants who uphold integrity.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George: the time we spend in solitude with our bible and our prayer list, our secret life spent with our Heavenly Father, is time spent waiting upon the Lord. Then, in the fullness of time, in God’s perfect timing, there is mounting up, taking flight like the eagle in Isaiah 40:31. We are able to soar because we have been with the Lord.. We have more to give to our neighbours if we regularly place ourselves before God and let Him grow us, strengthen us and ultimately transform us.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

As for God, His way is perfect; The Lord’s word is flawless; he wields all who take refuge in Him. For who is God besides the Lord? And who is rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.

Hello everybardieeeee. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted about anything… I think it’s ultimately due to laziness and lack of motivation (hah, similar to all the habits I’ve picked up and dropped anyway). But since there’s nothing much to do in the days forward… I’m just lazing around the house and waiting for my newly embroidered eyebrows to settle so that I may become active again (I pray hard for this)!

Cambodia Mission Trip, 6-10th December 2014

The trip has proved to be more than amazing – It was also filled with reflective moments, especially since I was the main scribe for the team and had to take note of the details of the trip. Also, making the trip with really experienced short-term mission trippers is very much different as compared to making the trip with first-timers. Also, being the youngest means that everybody expects less of you… So, I could (thank God) concentrate on tackling my exams and be minimally involved in the planning :P But then again, part of the process is learning on the go, being flexible/adaptable with unexpected changes and shock events, etc. I think I’ve been most relaxed during this mission trip, and I could direct my focus 100% into serving and interacting with those around me.

However, I came back with sore throat and flu, so I had to stay in for 3 days and miss the youth camp “Greater”. But God is good, and he blessed me with some culinary inspiration during my stay at home, and I’ve come to realise that avocados are amazinggggg. I hope they don’t grow out of season and become so ridiculously expensive in the near term… I’m trying to come up with more #breakfastideas, but sometimes, old is gold (plus, eggs and avocado make a superb healthy combination that is hard to beat)… Besides cooking, I’ve been hooked onto a new drama (but now it’s not new, because I’ve finished the entire series comprising of 35 episodes!!) called “Sound of the Desert”. I love the characters and their chemistry on screen – in particular, Eddie Peng and Cecilia Liu! I ship them all the way~ haha.

Hello, this week has been… Opps this is the title…

Hello, this week has been… Opps this is the title…

Society in general is lazy, and many people go with the flow. To accomplish something, you require the will to start, and the desire to see it to completion.

Monday was Hari Raya Haji, and my mom wasn’t interested in anything other than her accounting notes, so I lonelily headed down town to Dean & DeLuca for a late brunch. I’ve been wanting to visit that place for ages, but this thought always escapes me. I was deciding between the New Yorker (smoked salmon scrambled eggs bagel), the Berries Flapjack (always a favourite), and the cornflake-crusted brioche french toast (looked super ugly, but the mantra goes: ugly food tastes best). I chose the latter in the end, and the meal lasted for an entire hour because somehow my bottomless pit of a stomach has met its match. Thank God for homework to keep me company.

Tuesday = first day of school after recess week, and there was no AC2102 class. Initially I planned to go to Cafe by the Quad (yes I know, again… this place is becoming an all-time favourite hideout), but it was packed like sardines. CRAZY. So I decided to starve and grab a raisin butter cake instead T.T In need of an after-school adventure, I decided to visit Tiong Bahru and its favourite Galicier Pastry, which is a gem of a place for nonya kueh lovers. I loved their ondeh ondeh, kueh dadar and coconut tart! Their kueh lapis was too sweet for my liking. Then, I walked to Thomson Medical Centre to visit my aunt and her new-born baby (TOBY!) who is so adorbs, but even more adorbs is his siblings’ response to seeing him for the first time. Theodore is so funny, because he’s at an age where he’s able to articulate himself and express his inquisitiveness. He’s very logical though, which makes everything more amusing:

Theodore: Mummy, what is in your tummy?
Mummy: It’s your baby brother, Toby.
Theodore: Huh? Did you eat him?

Wednesday. Another free day. I met Claire at Les Patisseries for some pastries. I really loved their quiche lorraine, butter croissant and french apple tart. I wish the service was a little friendlier, but I came in with high expectations because neighbourhood gems tend to be more cosy. We weren’t quite satisfied with having only sweets, so we headed to Yellow Submarines for some value-for-money cheesesteak burgers. To pass time, I revised for my upcoming tests while she read Kallos Magazines. We had a good time being in each other’s presence. And sometimes, you know you’re at peace with someone when you’re comfortable with silence *smiles* In the evening, I had plans to meet Emily and Steph for home-cooked dinner at Steph’s. Her house is so spacious without being unwelcoming. We had a good time of jamming together (even though I have no musical instrument talent, I feel happy holding on to a guitar and strumming only the G chord over and over again) and binging on almond chocolates. HAHA. We decided that we needed to have more of such sessions.

Thursday was the day all hell broke loose. I found out that my class participation for BF2207 was literally zilt, and even with the intention of being heard, I could not find opportunities to demonstrate my flair for the module. Sigh, I should have chosen to sit in front of the classroom. Not only that, I was feeling physically exhausted from the night drama marathon during the week. Nevertheless, BF2201 was so enjoyable (because of my crazy, loveable members), that I momentarily forgot the pain. Haha. Also, I finished Legend of Lu Zhen. The ending was so amazing, and even though the main OTP did not become husband and wife in the eyes of the law, they had their unique happy ending.

Friday was more bearable, as I did not add to my sleep debt. The only eventful part of that day was visiting Hambaobao, located at the open-air food market atop Beauty World Centre after school (and fasting for 8 hours). Their broiled dory burger is commendable! Although the tartar sauce could be more sparingly used. After hanging around, and completing more revision materials, I headed to Oishii Bakery to check out their freshly baked bread, and got myself a walnut raisin bread. It was huge for $1.80! Happy day.

Saturday was spent in school instead of Disciple Class, due to BF2207 midterms, but it was alright. The quiz was manageable, all glory to God! After the test, I headed to Cafe by the Quad to grab some healthy grub in the form of Samgyetang. The half-chicken seems to have become malnourished from the last time I’ve ordered it, and the amount of rice dished out in bowls were more miserly. Ohwell. It was a satisfying meal nonetheless. I’ll still be back! After the BAF ethics lecture (which was pretty much useless because I only focused on my own revision for AB1102), mom picked me up from NTU and we headed to Oceans of Seafood at Pasar Bella – Grand Stand for dinner. We ordered a half-dozen of USA Taylor Bay oysters to share while I had to myself a bowl of jyou chirashi. For the price paid ($35), I feel that they could have loaded up more on the sashimi… compare their bowl to the one found at Chikuwa Tei, you’d realise that it amounts daylight robbery. So, feeling unsatisfied, I grabbed an orange cranberry scone from Da Paolo Gastronomia for my dessert. I love scones.

Sunday was spent mostly in church, because I had to be present for the mission trip meeting/planning session. Before YM, I had the privilege of sharing with Joy the reliability and origins of the bible, and how we are to respond to certain difficult questions posed to us by people who do not share our faith. I think being asked such challenging questions do help me shape my answers so that they are more refined and understandable. Enhancing quality characteristics, indeed. After YM, I headed to Bread King, which was located a fair distance away, at Burghley Squash & Tennis Centre. I had their famed emmental cheese roll and their vegetable pastry pie, which were equally delectable, though steeper on the price side ($4 per piece). In the evening, I grabbed a cheese scallion scone and an olive onion bread roll from Cedele before brisk walking to my aunt’s place for a family dinner. Remind me never to buy any goods related to olives, because I found out too late that it is incompatible with my taste buds. Haha. Ohwellies. My aunt cooks an amazing dish comprising of korean beef, bell peppers and snow peas stirfry. I also had some delightful homemade hainanese kueh kueh (the Lord hears my prayers).

So, this was my week. How was yours? 

Four Horsemen of Mindfulness

Four Horsemen of Mindfulness

Extracted from the transcript of “The Death of Self-Awareness” by Brendon Burchard.

Directionless: How can we feel and sense life if we don’t have the intention to do so?
It’s bringing attentiveness to the moment that is mindfulness. It’s being alert and aware to what’s happening around you and engaged with it, allowing it, accepting it, feeling it, and sensing it in a way that life starts to pick up its sense of aliveness. It’s what makes life so magical and meaningful for people when you can get to that state, but you have to have the direction in mind. You have to make a conscious choice, “okay, this day I’m going to experience this day and connect with the now”.

Detachment: If we detach from negative feelings, we also risk losing connection with positive feelings. The more comfort you start to have with uncomfortable emotions, the more comfort you have with uncomfortable situations, the more you start developing a consciousness about how to deal with them. Part of the way we’ve become mature enlightened adults is we start to face the things we are fearful of or we are scared of and we allow ourselves to feel it and sense it. It’s okay to feel the fear. We have to accept the possibility of feeling again.

Disassociation: It’s easy to go through life and look at our bad behavior and say, “well, that just wasn’t the real me.” But that was you. Your actions are who you are just as much as your values and hopes and dreams. And it’s time to own it, to stop trying to disassociate parts of who you are. We should own our entirety, the good and bad, and we must strive to live into our ideal selves.

Distraction: The ultimate thief of life, of light, of human awareness. We must do all we can do to minimize the inconsequential in our lives. If we are constantly scatter brained then we can never sense or immerse in the magic of each moment. Distraction kills presence, joy, and gratitude. Let us make presence, real focus and the immersion in the moment our aim.

Hey guys! Just an update about my week. I’ve been out and about with minimal time to myself, because so many projects and assignments demanded my attention. Nevertheless, work is such a blessing, not only because it’s God-ordained, but because it pushes me to constantly think and learn on-the-go. The best part about education: learning how to learn in different manners and under different circumstances.

Tuesday was dedicated to AB1102. I must say that this was the most mind-boggling out of all the projects assigned. Even nearing the end of the discussion, I still had trouble understanding the deliverables ._____. After we were more or less done, I rewarded myself with a rosa gelato (flavours: avocado gula melaka and green tea) from Ge!ato, took a short stroll around Westgate, then headed home where wholemeal croisswiches awaited me. It’s a Tuesday thing. :)

Wednesday = Quality Time with Steph at PARK. She had prawn aglio olio while I went for their truffled mac & cheese. It was nice to have no obligations towards project meetings that day, but the agenda was to complete my AC2302 assignment. I’m proud to say that after toiling for four days, I finally had a coherent essay outline and pointers. It’s definitely A-grade quality (unless the content is lacking).

Thursday was spent doing the excel assignment from BF2201. But first, fuel. Met my group members at Sapori D’ Italia located under Blk 112, Bishan Street 12. I thought that the dishes fared decent, but if it weren’t conveniently located, I wouldn’t travel to eat. Haha. I think I’m becoming more critical of the food I eat. This was the most pleasant project group meeting, studded with occasional roars of laughter.

Friday started with a mat workout. I was determined to push myself back into my exercise regime. I arranged to meet by BF2207 group mates at SMU in the late afternoon, so I had ample time to visit Comnam Broken Rice Bowl. Their set lunches are soooooo worth it! SGD $9.90 for Vietnam Coffee + Soup of the Day + Rice Bowl! I was happily stuffed, and almost teared at the goodness of God’s provision. Haha. The project meeting was rather short, and I managed to complete my part *yay* At night, I met Doug for an impromptu dinner at Raj Restaurant. I’m glad we eventually decided on Little India, because decorations were already up in lieu of the upcoming Diwali. It was good finally meeting him in person + chatting casually about life. Friendship is gold.

Saturday kicked off with Disciple Class! I find that relearning old lessons and thinking critically about the topic apologetics is slowly shaping my faith more realistically. Perhaps I’ve always thought of Christianity as abstract, and even distant, albeit no less relevant. If you ask me why I’m a Christian, I would give a subjective answer. But Hernshung was spot-on when he said that even blind faith should be, to some extent, reasonable. Once again, I left the class feeling mind-blown and rejuvenated. After sending my brother back home, I walked to Blk 24 Sin Ming Road for Charcoal Traditional Toast because I have been craving it since Thursday. This local interpretation of the french toast turned out to be much better than expected – I would even consider it a notch above CMC’s. Feeling satisfied, I headed home and decided that a run was due. Then, I met mom at Kilo At Pact (Orchard Central), where we had heavenly quinoa fig salad, yuzu tai roll and angel hair, ebiko cream & sautéed prawns. DINNER WAS TOO YUMMILICIOUS T_T

Sunday = WSCS Cambodia Mission Trip Food Sales. The array of food brought forth was adequate and equal to what was expected; also, the response from the congregation was encouraging. I was introduced a new friend by the name of Samantha, and I had the privilege of bringing her to YM, and briefly introducing the Christian faith to her. I think I’m still lacking in this aspect. A part of me believes that Christianity is to be encountered, not educated, but I also recognise that such a thinking is also a lousy justification for the lack of conviction and joy for the good news #conflicts. After a busy morning, I headed to The Coffee Daily with Steph for a time of unwinding. Quality time, paired with equally amazing food (croissant was as flaky as snowflakes), is always appreciated. I managed to complete some AB1102/BF2207 revision. Meeting my dad for dinner at L’Entrecote later. I’m sure it’d be a blessed time. Toodles!

Greetings from KL

Greetings from KL

Friday was same-old-same-old, except that due to AC2102 midterms, MA class was cancelled, and I had a two-hour break… Guess where I went to have brunch… CAFE BY THE QUAD (again)! This time, I tried the Samgyetang ($5), which included half a chicken. It took me an entire hour to dissect and debone it till it was naked. Hahaha. Anyway, the more interesting part of the day was visiting my grandfather at the SGH, since he was scheduled for a cornea and cataracts operation. Seeing him on the hospital bed reminds me of his age… Though he appears haughty and strong-willed, no one can escape the effects of time. So after visitation, I dropped by The Dough Shoppe for a very well-constructed mixed greens sandwich. They used a homebaked rendition of spinach and beetroot for the bread, which I thought was pretty innovative and unique. After eating, I felt completely drained due to the accumulation of sleep debt and non-stop working of my mind… So I decided to take the train back instead of a stroll (I regret this!). At night, my grandmother lovingly brought back some scones from our local bakery and leftover bread (tuna & mushroom and black pepper potato) from Mayson Bakery. I ended the day with a few final episodes of Bu Bu Jing Qing, and went to bed in anticipation of the next day.

Itinerary for Kuala Lumpur:

Set off for KL at 12.30pm, arrived in KL at 5pm.
Lunch: Assam Laksa (my family’s favourite)
Dinner: Asia Cafe (with the extended family!)

Virgin experience of a gate-crash and traditional tea ceremony (8-10.30am)
Visited Imbi Market for SisterS Crispy Popiah, Bunn Choon Egg Tarts and Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea
Shopping @Mid-Valley (bagged a maxi, various baked goods and earl grey cranberry scones!!)
Wedding Dinner: Elite Seafood Restaurant (6.30-11pm)

Last morning in KL, set off at 11.30am, arrived in Singapore at 4pm.
Brunch: Podgy & The Banker (with Aunt See Ming and Max)

I had a fun-packed weekend! My family’s such a noisy and vibrant bunch!

The Bread Table

The Bread Table

Hello from NTU. Staying back for AC2102 mid-term test later in the evening, and I’m sort of tired from studying, so I’m posting this. Yesterday was spent with Emily at The Bread Table. Their cinnamon sticky bun and almond croissant were out-of-this-world! Highly recommended. Emily had the multigrain ham & cheese, which was equally satisfying. We talked over nonsense, engaged in typical aunty chatters and of course, did a lot of studying as well. She also shared with me a portion of her home-baked banana walnut cake – moist, dense and generously flavoured. :) Okie, time to get back to studying! Toodles ~

Is It Right To Judge?

Is It Right To Judge?

As a rule of thumb, the context in Matthew 7:1-5 allows Christians to judge another after he has first judged himself. “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” (Psalm 37:30) “The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.” (Isaiah 59:8) If the Bible is clear about anything, it is clear about the importance of judging on a regular basis in order to properly serve and honour God. To ignore this fact is to ignore all of the Scripture just presented and also the rest of the Bible. God expects us to judge. However, we have to judge scripturally, objectively, in truth, mercifully and at the same time, exercise appropriate discernment (1 Kings 3:9).
Hey guys, I’m currently at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. at Frankel Avenue, which recently opened its doors three days ago. I was supposed to head to Cafe Sneakery for some smoked duck organic noodles, but I heard that it ceased operations on Friday. So coincidental, but as the saying goes: when one door opens, another closes, or vice versa. Recently, I added a new word to my vocabulary: anthropomorphism – it essentially means humanisation. Yay! I think the bible uses this literary device quite extensively, so as to aid us in comprehending God’s character.