Licking that peanut butter off the spoon is simply *amazing*

Licking that peanut butter off the spoon is simply *amazing*

On a whim, I quickly grabbed a jar of skippy’s peanut butter off the shelves and dunked it into my grocery basket. It was just one of those days whereby you decided that it was time to give breakfast plates a new makeover, or that a little treat will not hurt anyone – nut butters are chock full of monounsaturated fats that are healthy, if taken in moderation. If you haven’t tried, please go grab your favourite spoon, carefully dip it into that pool of gooey goodness, give it a gentle swirl…. then pop it right into your mouth! It’s fragrant, creamy, smooth yet nutty, and most importantly, you no longer crave for other forms of desserts, in particular froyo/soft serve/ice-cream/gelato/pastries… etc.

On a completely random note, may I just rant about how handsome Lee Sang Yoon is? I was analysing what I like about him, and I narrowed his traits down to this list: his forever smiling, moon-shaped eyes; the softness of his facial features (I’m not sure how I may elaborate this in a more comprehensible manner, but he appears very approachable and gentle); dem dimples… it’s like when they appear, you know he’s gonna get away with anything. Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder.

P/s. Praise God, for I am offered an internship position at EY for Tax Services :D


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