Love Weaves Through A Millennium

Love Weaves Through A Millennium

Recess week is here! I’m so happy because a well-deserved break has just crept into my schedule without my knowing. It’s timely too, for I’ve just gotten attached to a new Chinese drama that follows closely the plot of another korean drama favourite: Queen In Hyun’s Man. I like that this new version is not a blatant copy, but has incorporated elements that are more suited to the audience’s culture. The main OTP has been carefully picked for the role, and chemistry is evidently the spark of their interaction. It’s such a joy to immerse myself in a drama, as doing so allows me to shed tears, laugh out loud and feel frustrated; emotions I would otherwise not have experienced.

Another of my all-time favourite drama has to be “In Time With You”. I find the main character, Chen You Qing, so relatable in terms of personality, character, behaviour and attitude towards life. She’s confident, fiery and determined. Not simply anyone can handle her honesty. At times she’s vulnerable, in particular, to her thoughts and during times she’s alone. When the world seems to disagree with what you believe to be true, the seed of doubt is planted. At our weaker moments, we allow it to be watered when we entertain the thought that perhaps we’ve miscalculated – our abilities and our worth.

As she struggles with finding love in the right places in the right person at the right time, the drama leaves a string of questions open: Does love spring from a spark; is it a ‘moment’? Should love move you to compromise and embrace change, or should it encourage you to be who you are? How do you measure love? This might be important, because perhaps, we love more deeply than we think we do.

I’m sorry if none of these make any sense. It’s way past my bedtime… I needed to consolidate some thoughts.


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