Hello, this week has been… Opps this is the title…

Hello, this week has been… Opps this is the title…

Society in general is lazy, and many people go with the flow. To accomplish something, you require the will to start, and the desire to see it to completion.

Monday was Hari Raya Haji, and my mom wasn’t interested in anything other than her accounting notes, so I lonelily headed down town to Dean & DeLuca for a late brunch. I’ve been wanting to visit that place for ages, but this thought always escapes me. I was deciding between the New Yorker (smoked salmon scrambled eggs bagel), the Berries Flapjack (always a favourite), and the cornflake-crusted brioche french toast (looked super ugly, but the mantra goes: ugly food tastes best). I chose the latter in the end, and the meal lasted for an entire hour because somehow my bottomless pit of a stomach has met its match. Thank God for homework to keep me company.

Tuesday = first day of school after recess week, and there was no AC2102 class. Initially I planned to go to Cafe by the Quad (yes I know, again… this place is becoming an all-time favourite hideout), but it was packed like sardines. CRAZY. So I decided to starve and grab a raisin butter cake instead T.T In need of an after-school adventure, I decided to visit Tiong Bahru and its favourite Galicier Pastry, which is a gem of a place for nonya kueh lovers. I loved their ondeh ondeh, kueh dadar and coconut tart! Their kueh lapis was too sweet for my liking. Then, I walked to Thomson Medical Centre to visit my aunt and her new-born baby (TOBY!) who is so adorbs, but even more adorbs is his siblings’ response to seeing him for the first time. Theodore is so funny, because he’s at an age where he’s able to articulate himself and express his inquisitiveness. He’s very logical though, which makes everything more amusing:

Theodore: Mummy, what is in your tummy?
Mummy: It’s your baby brother, Toby.
Theodore: Huh? Did you eat him?

Wednesday. Another free day. I met Claire at Les Patisseries for some pastries. I really loved their quiche lorraine, butter croissant and french apple tart. I wish the service was a little friendlier, but I came in with high expectations because neighbourhood gems tend to be more cosy. We weren’t quite satisfied with having only sweets, so we headed to Yellow Submarines for some value-for-money cheesesteak burgers. To pass time, I revised for my upcoming tests while she read Kallos Magazines. We had a good time being in each other’s presence. And sometimes, you know you’re at peace with someone when you’re comfortable with silence *smiles* In the evening, I had plans to meet Emily and Steph for home-cooked dinner at Steph’s. Her house is so spacious without being unwelcoming. We had a good time of jamming together (even though I have no musical instrument talent, I feel happy holding on to a guitar and strumming only the G chord over and over again) and binging on almond chocolates. HAHA. We decided that we needed to have more of such sessions.

Thursday was the day all hell broke loose. I found out that my class participation for BF2207 was literally zilt, and even with the intention of being heard, I could not find opportunities to demonstrate my flair for the module. Sigh, I should have chosen to sit in front of the classroom. Not only that, I was feeling physically exhausted from the night drama marathon during the week. Nevertheless, BF2201 was so enjoyable (because of my crazy, loveable members), that I momentarily forgot the pain. Haha. Also, I finished Legend of Lu Zhen. The ending was so amazing, and even though the main OTP did not become husband and wife in the eyes of the law, they had their unique happy ending.

Friday was more bearable, as I did not add to my sleep debt. The only eventful part of that day was visiting Hambaobao, located at the open-air food market atop Beauty World Centre after school (and fasting for 8 hours). Their broiled dory burger is commendable! Although the tartar sauce could be more sparingly used. After hanging around, and completing more revision materials, I headed to Oishii Bakery to check out their freshly baked bread, and got myself a walnut raisin bread. It was huge for $1.80! Happy day.

Saturday was spent in school instead of Disciple Class, due to BF2207 midterms, but it was alright. The quiz was manageable, all glory to God! After the test, I headed to Cafe by the Quad to grab some healthy grub in the form of Samgyetang. The half-chicken seems to have become malnourished from the last time I’ve ordered it, and the amount of rice dished out in bowls were more miserly. Ohwell. It was a satisfying meal nonetheless. I’ll still be back! After the BAF ethics lecture (which was pretty much useless because I only focused on my own revision for AB1102), mom picked me up from NTU and we headed to Oceans of Seafood at Pasar Bella – Grand Stand for dinner. We ordered a half-dozen of USA Taylor Bay oysters to share while I had to myself a bowl of jyou chirashi. For the price paid ($35), I feel that they could have loaded up more on the sashimi… compare their bowl to the one found at Chikuwa Tei, you’d realise that it amounts daylight robbery. So, feeling unsatisfied, I grabbed an orange cranberry scone from Da Paolo Gastronomia for my dessert. I love scones.

Sunday was spent mostly in church, because I had to be present for the mission trip meeting/planning session. Before YM, I had the privilege of sharing with Joy the reliability and origins of the bible, and how we are to respond to certain difficult questions posed to us by people who do not share our faith. I think being asked such challenging questions do help me shape my answers so that they are more refined and understandable. Enhancing quality characteristics, indeed. After YM, I headed to Bread King, which was located a fair distance away, at Burghley Squash & Tennis Centre. I had their famed emmental cheese roll and their vegetable pastry pie, which were equally delectable, though steeper on the price side ($4 per piece). In the evening, I grabbed a cheese scallion scone and an olive onion bread roll from Cedele before brisk walking to my aunt’s place for a family dinner. Remind me never to buy any goods related to olives, because I found out too late that it is incompatible with my taste buds. Haha. Ohwellies. My aunt cooks an amazing dish comprising of korean beef, bell peppers and snow peas stirfry. I also had some delightful homemade hainanese kueh kueh (the Lord hears my prayers).

So, this was my week. How was yours? 


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