Four Horsemen of Mindfulness

Four Horsemen of Mindfulness

Extracted from the transcript of “The Death of Self-Awareness” by Brendon Burchard.

Directionless: How can we feel and sense life if we don’t have the intention to do so?
It’s bringing attentiveness to the moment that is mindfulness. It’s being alert and aware to what’s happening around you and engaged with it, allowing it, accepting it, feeling it, and sensing it in a way that life starts to pick up its sense of aliveness. It’s what makes life so magical and meaningful for people when you can get to that state, but you have to have the direction in mind. You have to make a conscious choice, “okay, this day I’m going to experience this day and connect with the now”.

Detachment: If we detach from negative feelings, we also risk losing connection with positive feelings. The more comfort you start to have with uncomfortable emotions, the more comfort you have with uncomfortable situations, the more you start developing a consciousness about how to deal with them. Part of the way we’ve become mature enlightened adults is we start to face the things we are fearful of or we are scared of and we allow ourselves to feel it and sense it. It’s okay to feel the fear. We have to accept the possibility of feeling again.

Disassociation: It’s easy to go through life and look at our bad behavior and say, “well, that just wasn’t the real me.” But that was you. Your actions are who you are just as much as your values and hopes and dreams. And it’s time to own it, to stop trying to disassociate parts of who you are. We should own our entirety, the good and bad, and we must strive to live into our ideal selves.

Distraction: The ultimate thief of life, of light, of human awareness. We must do all we can do to minimize the inconsequential in our lives. If we are constantly scatter brained then we can never sense or immerse in the magic of each moment. Distraction kills presence, joy, and gratitude. Let us make presence, real focus and the immersion in the moment our aim.

Hey guys! Just an update about my week. I’ve been out and about with minimal time to myself, because so many projects and assignments demanded my attention. Nevertheless, work is such a blessing, not only because it’s God-ordained, but because it pushes me to constantly think and learn on-the-go. The best part about education: learning how to learn in different manners and under different circumstances.

Tuesday was dedicated to AB1102. I must say that this was the most mind-boggling out of all the projects assigned. Even nearing the end of the discussion, I still had trouble understanding the deliverables ._____. After we were more or less done, I rewarded myself with a rosa gelato (flavours: avocado gula melaka and green tea) from Ge!ato, took a short stroll around Westgate, then headed home where wholemeal croisswiches awaited me. It’s a Tuesday thing. :)

Wednesday = Quality Time with Steph at PARK. She had prawn aglio olio while I went for their truffled mac & cheese. It was nice to have no obligations towards project meetings that day, but the agenda was to complete my AC2302 assignment. I’m proud to say that after toiling for four days, I finally had a coherent essay outline and pointers. It’s definitely A-grade quality (unless the content is lacking).

Thursday was spent doing the excel assignment from BF2201. But first, fuel. Met my group members at Sapori D’ Italia located under Blk 112, Bishan Street 12. I thought that the dishes fared decent, but if it weren’t conveniently located, I wouldn’t travel to eat. Haha. I think I’m becoming more critical of the food I eat. This was the most pleasant project group meeting, studded with occasional roars of laughter.

Friday started with a mat workout. I was determined to push myself back into my exercise regime. I arranged to meet by BF2207 group mates at SMU in the late afternoon, so I had ample time to visit Comnam Broken Rice Bowl. Their set lunches are soooooo worth it! SGD $9.90 for Vietnam Coffee + Soup of the Day + Rice Bowl! I was happily stuffed, and almost teared at the goodness of God’s provision. Haha. The project meeting was rather short, and I managed to complete my part *yay* At night, I met Doug for an impromptu dinner at Raj Restaurant. I’m glad we eventually decided on Little India, because decorations were already up in lieu of the upcoming Diwali. It was good finally meeting him in person + chatting casually about life. Friendship is gold.

Saturday kicked off with Disciple Class! I find that relearning old lessons and thinking critically about the topic apologetics is slowly shaping my faith more realistically. Perhaps I’ve always thought of Christianity as abstract, and even distant, albeit no less relevant. If you ask me why I’m a Christian, I would give a subjective answer. But Hernshung was spot-on when he said that even blind faith should be, to some extent, reasonable. Once again, I left the class feeling mind-blown and rejuvenated. After sending my brother back home, I walked to Blk 24 Sin Ming Road for Charcoal Traditional Toast because I have been craving it since Thursday. This local interpretation of the french toast turned out to be much better than expected – I would even consider it a notch above CMC’s. Feeling satisfied, I headed home and decided that a run was due. Then, I met mom at Kilo At Pact (Orchard Central), where we had heavenly quinoa fig salad, yuzu tai roll and angel hair, ebiko cream & sautéed prawns. DINNER WAS TOO YUMMILICIOUS T_T

Sunday = WSCS Cambodia Mission Trip Food Sales. The array of food brought forth was adequate and equal to what was expected; also, the response from the congregation was encouraging. I was introduced a new friend by the name of Samantha, and I had the privilege of bringing her to YM, and briefly introducing the Christian faith to her. I think I’m still lacking in this aspect. A part of me believes that Christianity is to be encountered, not educated, but I also recognise that such a thinking is also a lousy justification for the lack of conviction and joy for the good news #conflicts. After a busy morning, I headed to The Coffee Daily with Steph for a time of unwinding. Quality time, paired with equally amazing food (croissant was as flaky as snowflakes), is always appreciated. I managed to complete some AB1102/BF2207 revision. Meeting my dad for dinner at L’Entrecote later. I’m sure it’d be a blessed time. Toodles!


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