Living the High Life

Living the High Life

Hey guys, I had my first Disciple One class on Saturday. At first, I thought it was going to be a chronological study of the bible, and when I found out that this wasn’t the case, I immediately became sceptical about the whole programme. Boy, the scepticism was definitely unwarranted. HS did an amazing job by asking great questions that led us think more deeply about the purposes of why we are even enrolled in this journey. I’m now even more expected about what’s to come!

After DO, I headed over to TripleOne Somerset after dropping my bro at TPY, as there was a Hidden Finds Market by Public Garden. Even though it was relatively small-scale, it was still heart-warming to see such “farmers markets” sprouting out in Singapore. Maybe they’ve been going on for a while… But I’m just oblivious. Haha. Anyway, I headed to Brill after walking around for some late afternoon tea. Their Eggs Florentine was superb (as expected from the people behind Simply Bread)!

After hanging around and consolidating my concepts from BF2207 International Finance, I brisk walked home as I had a dinner appointment with the mother at Changi Airport. We dined at Paradise Dynasty, where I finally tried the 8-flavoured 小笼包! Every bite was accompanied by the bursting of soupy flavours, which I absolutely delighted in. On the way home, I had a good catch up with mom as well… We touched on topics such as persecution in other countries, familial relationships between siblings and school/work-related stuff. When I got home, Steph called me to talk about her US meeting (which would overlap with the Cambodia Mission Trip), and her feelings about it. We talked for over an hour, which was quite refreshing because the last time I engaged in a  phone call was before I had a cellphone. I’m so thankful for this amazing person in my life. Thank you Father :)

So, Sunday…. YM was pretty phenomenal… I managed to strike a conversation with Jin (whom I have not talked to very much at all), prayed with Calida, and even got to know a new friend by the name of Sarah. The conversation I had with Sarah reminded me of the rewards of being intentional. Amazing things happen when you first step out of your comfort zone, and extend the invitation to another whom you have yet to know very well. Also, I’m pretty psyched for the food sale the WSCS Mission Team will be holding the following week! We’re going to have homemade chicken pies!! Yay!! Hahahaha. After church, I jio-ed my mother for lunch at PODI. Their Duck Berry Waffle was pretty decent! I loved the fluffiness and sweetness of the waffle, the tanginess of the blueberry compote and the savoury duck confit. Party in my mouth. Then I headed home for a much-needed afternoon run, before having dinner at Poulet with the fathership. Affordable and authentic French cuisine brings me all the way back to Paris. I loved the Peach Clafoutis! I got to HTHT with daddy as well, so that was a big bonus… I’ve always been sceptical about the relevance of his advices, because I don’t exactly live with him and that leaves room for doubt about how much he actually knows is going on… But looking ahead, he’s mentioned some things which I do have to reflect upon so that in the end, I can take his feedback to improve as a person.

Countdown: one more week to recess week. SO looking forward!


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