Week 6 – Drawing Close

Week 6 – Drawing Close

Monday: Met Steph at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar for some Traditional Hakata Ramen, which did not disappoint. For the price paid, I would say that it’s a great deal! The ramen did not disappoint in terms of flavour either. Happy tummy. We had a great time of sharing of our lives, educating each other on various topics, praying for one another… We also met a couple of fellow Christian sisters and brothers from the Methodist community – including Rev G.Wong, so I guess HV’s really the place to hang! Haha. She had to go off for a meeting soon after, so I did some work! Finally started doing the textbook questions for AC2102. Hallelujah! After studying, I was feeling peckish, so I decided that it was time to check out Fosters – An English Rose Cafe. This place is a perfect haven for people seeking crumbly scones paired with dollops of butter, clotted cream & strawberry jam (complete with typical cream tea components) without burning a hole in the pocket. Amazing day!

Wednesday: Met my AC2102 groupmates at Two Blur Guys for lunch. I was skeptical about the actualisation of this proposed outing, but hey, I learnt that we have to leave room for surprises. After one hour of lively conversations, laughter and photo-taking, I headed to 100AM’s Starbucks to study. After which, I decided to take a long walk home since the sun was smiling down on me. On the way, I passed by Oyoge Taiyaki and couldn’t resist getting a adzuki-bean mochi teriyaki. It had a unique combination of texture: chewy outer layer filled reasonably with smooth, whole adzuki beans #partyinmymouth.

Thursday: School was not as draining as the previous week, and I found it rather enjoyable (because I’ve finally sat myself down to revise my past notes and clarify any doubts I had). In the evening, I headed over to Hernshung’s for an informal session on establishing an actionable plan for YM next year. For me, it was heartwarming to hear what the issues were weighing on the other leaders’ minds. What I really hope to see is a close-knitted community of leaders, where we are able to build each other up, even to the extent of rebuking each other in brotherly, Christ-like love.

Friday: I love Fridays. The anticipation for school to end gives me the extra boost I need to persevere through six more hours of lessons. On a cool note, I’m finally done with the Book of Revelations. It’s not as morbid as I had imagined, so I had a good time reading up explanatory notes on the choice of imagery used to convey some messages. So, with an ending comes the beginning. I’m going to start from Genesis! I’m rather excited because the Old Testament is something I’m not exactly familiar with (majority of the books I’ve done in previous bible studies are from the NT). In any case, after school, I headed to 2 Loaves @ Tanglin Halt Road for some hand-baked goods. I loved the hole-in-a-wall atmosphere, so it motivated me to complete my Assignment 4 for BF2207. I took a stroll as far as I could, and thoroughly enjoyed the walk. Praise God for an awesome end to a hectic week!


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