Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014

Hello homies! So, I managed to clock 1h 08mins, which is an accomplishment, considering that I brisk walked down slopes because my knees weren’t in good shape! The last time I ran a 10km, which was The Straits Times Run, my timing was 57mins. Not too far off… Thank God :) After the run, I had plans to head to Chock Full of Beans to have brunch, but finding an empty parking lot was literally 海底捞针。I felt a little disappointed, but since the goodie pack contained pandan muffins, oat cookies and a mini kaya danish pastry, I decided that lunch was more or less settled.

For almost the entire afternoon, I was glued to my computer screen because Sealed With A Kiss is soooo addictive. My baby cousins dropped by, so I had a fun time hearing Theodore speak sentences, because his toddler accent is way too cute. Dinner time comes around, and guess where I suggested? Jamie’s Italian! My dad is an ardent fan of the 30-day matured prime beef, so he ordered a portion to share with my brother, while I got the rack of lambs on top some mind-blowing (or should I say mouth-blowing?) artichoke puree. We also had baked mushrooms to share, although I wolfed down 70% of it… LOL. We had desserts at Honeymoon Dessert thereafter, obviously because the two of them weren’t quite satisfied.

I think my dad can be really humorous at times. For example, when he was parking, he chuckled because he could see the license plate of the car parked behind us (one-inch away). Funny meh? I think he is more funny. HAHA. On a side note, I think this weekly dinner affair is truly an effective way for my brother and I to find out more about my dad. For some reason, I am hesitant to ask questions about dad’s life, because I cannot predict what he would say. I guess it’s also my desire not to intrude into his private space or question his decisions… On my part, it’s also difficult to share about my life (for instance, we have different perspectives on relationships…) because I’m not sure what he believes in or what he does not believe in. But I guess as we hang out more, these reservations would slowly       f  a    d     e         a         w          a           y.


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