Today, I headed to the Chin Mee Chin Confectionery for my gastronomic adventure. Keeping in mind that I have the sew the hole in my pocket from the week prior, coupled with the desire to travel to the East, I decided on CMCC. It’s been a long while since I’ve had traditional breakfast. I have never really fancied kaya toasts and soft-boiled eggs because it was a default provision since I was young, so it got kind of boring after a while. I guess absence truly makes the heart grow fonder – and we yearn for things we do not have. So after a pretty late brunch, I camped at Toast Box at some mall in Katong to read up on AC2102, and then took a nice long stroll to 92 Amoy Street to meet my mom for some chirashi goodness at The Flying Squirrel. Food was passable. Oh, and I stopped by Tom’s Palette, since the sweltering heat was enough justification for ice-cream. Their salted egg yolk flavour was commendable!

Now that I’ve summarised my day’s business, let me indulge a little about my faith journey. I’m at the last lap of the New Testament Covers: the Book of Revelation. I have to say that this book is the most sophisticated and mind-blowing, not to mention slightly frightening to read… Nevertheless, the fundamental message is simple: God will institute universal peace, prosperity and cooperation immediately after the return of Jesus Christ. If you can get past the imagery of despair and disobedience, it reveals how the wonderful new world will be established and why it will never be destroyed or superseded by any other way of life or social order. What a promise to hold on to :)


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