1 Peter 1:5-7 “From Faith to Love”

1 Peter 1:5-7 “From Faith to Love”

Psalm 19:14

Hello Monday. I met BB Claire at Ply Baked Goods for brunch, though it should be lunch since her volunteer work ran overtime. We had a generously tall and rich rose-infused rainbow cake, which had mini chocoballs stuffed between the layers, garden quizza (quiche + pizza) filled to the brim with spinach, mushrooms and leek, and lastly, a key lime pie, which provided a tangy ending to our afternoon indulgence. We were honestly stuffed with happiness… Service was top-notch, while the environment was perfect for studying, since it is considered out-of-sight. Didn’t do much in terms of academics today, but I think I need to relieve myself of undue stress… *pray for me*

Hello Tuesday – the day of Team Nepal’s reunion, which was held at FIX Cafe. I’ve been yearning to try the naanwiches and pretty looking pastries since it’s first conception, but didn’t find the right khaki to go with. Every time I meet with this group, I never fail to be amazed by how God has placed us all in one another’s life. We are entirely different personalities. Yet at the same time, so deeply rooted to the same soil. With this group, I truly apprehend the old saying of “some things never change”. Our conversation topics can range from the methodist family, the growth of churches and leadership issues, to laughter-inducing ones such as lame jokes, threatening to cut Bert’s hair *and shave his beard* at Hair for Hope, Nic’s accent, Ben Ooi’s double triple quadruple chin(s) etc. I’m so looking forward to the next meeting with full attendance!

Hello Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week, every reason to rejoice! Unfortunately, this means that I have to persevere through two more school days! But no worries, the joy of the Lord is my strength. Today, I met Alex at Simply Sandwich for a no-frills fellowship and study session over our favourite form of carbs. Thank God for keeping the both of us focused throughout the three hours! Yay!

Hello Thursday… Taking a break from meeting up with my cherished friends (and from studying!), while indulging in some red velvet cupcakes baked my aunt’s helper and catching up on drama: Sealed With A Kiss.

Hello Friday ~ Finally, the week has come to an end. I woke up feeling defeated, because my current addiction to drama has robbed me of the sleep I desperately require. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic day of waffles, long sunny walks and endless chatter with the OG mates. After school, I headed to The Milky Way for some ice cream and waffles. They ran out of Sicilian Pistachio, so I settled for the Earl Grey! It would have been a perfect experience, if you do not take into account the fact that they forgot my order and came up with a lame excuse for justification. Oh well. Then, I walked from Commonwealth to Chinatown (~7km), where I met with the OG for some HK Dim Sum @ Tak Po. It’s rather reasonably priced, albeit very noisy, but that’s typical of such establishments! We ordered as many rounds as we wished, and the bill came up to only $11/pax *wide grin* I love nothing better than good food and good company – glad to see that some things simply do not fade with time.


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