(no working title)

(no working title)

September 6, Saturday
The more interesting part about today: 1) chauffeuring my poppy and brother to schools, 2) trying a humongous roast beef sandwich from SeaSalt Caribbean Deli located in Pasar Bella @The GrandStand, which served as a motivation for me to 3) start on some self-study questions for ACCII. Nevertheless, I regret not attending the Leaders’ Workshop @Victory Family Centre.

September 7, Sunday
Dear (virtual) Diary, I’m delighted that I woke up feeling rejuvenated and encouraged to stand my ground. Mind over matters! During YM, we did SOAP over Psalm 103. I was tempted after church to drive to indulge in some good food, but seeing the needle on the fuel gauge inch closely to ‘E’, I decided to park my car at home and head to OZ Specialty Coffee instead. The salmon platter was generously topped with smoked salmon, but the scrambled eggs were utterly disappointing (too overcooked). I had scrumptious and authentic Italian fare with the dad & brother at Ristorante Da Valentino @The GrandStand. I know I’ve said this many times before, but ohana ranks pretty high in my list of priorities; I feel that I should, and could, do much more to understand my dad’s life from his perspectives. I think the three of us had a wonderful, undisturbed time to share our laughters, thoughts and daily musings. Mission accomplished!

Start. Be Great.


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