Countdown: Week 4

Countdown: Week 4

The goodness of God flows to those who love Him and have aligned their purposes with His intentions for us. Aptly summarised in Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”. Hello, new blog layout! I like the generous space and black-and-white theme, because it allows me to fill, not cloyingly, the page with colours of words. I’ll do my best to add in pictures along with my daily musings, so that you rely less on *imagination*

September 1, Monday
It’s a weekly affair! We chose Waffle Slayer, and albeit pricey, neither of our choices disappointed us. The matcha buttermilk waffles with adzuki beans were not sweet, which was perfect for the lack of my sweet tooth. Claire had the red velvet buttermilk waffles (cannot remember the toppings), which was equally impressive. Highly recommended. The environment was suitable for mugging, as there were not many patrons today. Kudos to us for persevering from 12.30-4.30pm :)

September 2, Tuesday
Good day. Just a few updates: 1) Hebrews is a challenging book to read, but that only makes me even more intrigued, 2) CLaw was beyond enjoyable today – beyond headaches and above loud debating voices, I fell in love with the mechanisms of law all over again, and 3) I’m verily blessed to have amazing group members in all classes (brunch date with AC2102 next wed!).

September 3, Wednesday
At Marco Marco, my tastebuds took a short trip to Mumbai, as their country-themed panini was spot on in delivering the fine balance of spices (yogurt, mint, tomato and chili). The topic of conversation was basically what resonated with us, and random, dispersed thoughts on changes in life. I got to view a different side of Steph, the thinking person behind her normal easy-going, almost goofy self.  I guess I have that side to myself too… Sometimes I appear frivolous and easily excitable about the tiniest of events; at other times, I’m as pensive as your typical bible scholar (haha I’m indirectly complementing myself lolz). I’m not saying I have a split personality… Instead, I believe every individual is capable of staying true to two or more selves, because we absorb and internalize from others, while being anchored to how we have, supposedly, always been. Food for thought. Haha.

September 5, Friday
Nothing to rave about on Thursday – I was drained from 8 consecutive hours of lessons, and did not do anything productive (aka skipped my run and ate a lot, because exhaustion breeds hunger, or emotional hunger). I did, however, fall into a food coma during bedtime, which allowed me to repay my sleep debt. Today was miraculous. I prayed to God to sustain me without food till 2.30pm, because I was simply curious. He was so faithful, for I lasted until 3.30pm because travelling time had to be accounted for to reach Simply Bread. This is where I satisfied my craving for a raspberry twist along with some bonus home-baked cranberry walnut cookies! Indeed #yumyuminthetumtum. During my chill time there, I also read up on the next seminar topic for C.Law, then grocery shopped for salmon sashimi and raisin scones – #projecteatunclean. Ok. Time for night run! Toodles!


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