New Week, New Challenges

New Week, New Challenges

For the past three days, my stomach has not left me alone. I’m constantly craving for something to chew and swallow, even though I know that I’m not hungry. My mind tries to justify my action, which is not a good sign. Mind over body! Anyway, here are some minor updates for the week…

On Monday, I met BB Claire for a movie entitled ‘The Giver’ – the storyline takes place in a seemingly utopian world, which promotes the value of sameness. As a result, there is no climate change, war, in-fighting, conflicts, but also the absence of colour, music, love and other emotions. Both of us found it profound and thought-provoking, leading us to realise that sometimes we are essentially human because of our feelings. I would say I’ve always been, secretly, a person who listens to her emotions and am guided by it rather than rationale thinking (shocking?), which is why I have always been hot-headed since young and cannot hide my true emotions well, since my body language betrays me most of the time. Also highlighted in the movie is the appreciation of differences. Although differences might lead to unresolved disputes and armed conflicts, the removal of differences is not necessarily the solution. Instead, we should learn to embrace each other’s uniqueness and be less critical or self-imposing on others. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Brunch/Lunch: Victor’s Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza)
Afternoon Tea + Study Time: K-ki (School of the Arts, Level 2)

Tuesday was rather enjoyable. At least I did not feel sleepy during Accounting II, which was a good start for the day. The presentation proceeded smoothly and was more enjoyable that I had imagined it to be. I have new-found respect for my group members. I guess that means we’ll work even harder for the next presentation on Friday! Gambatte! Hwaiting!

Btw, I was not in a mood to cafe hop today, but upon reaching home, to my utmost delight, I found some wholemeal croisswiches (croissant + sandwich) – courtesy of my dear poppy!

Happy Hump Day! It’s finally Wednesday. I woke up unsatisfied even though I’ve clocked in nine hours of undisturbed sleep. Grrrr… My face is undoubtedly getting rounder, probably due to stress… But then again, I have no proper justification for my stress, because objectively, I’m progressing fine. Argh. Me and my paranoia. Haha. Anyway, I decided to visit Black and White Caffe Bar today for some “homely and tasty” panini. SAY uhh-may-zinggggg.

Thursday: I attended my first BF2207 seminar of the term! I think my professor is a no-frills type of person, who is both firm and respectable. I’m thankful for my various professors this term. Today is also Union Day, whereby students get to elect their club committee members… So there are no lessons from 10.30am to 2.30pm. I initially wanted to hop over to Jurong Point to makan and grocery shop, but my plans were in vain when it poured. So I ended up at Canteen 2 (AGAIN), but had the most amazing, and not to mention generous, peanut and coconut crispy pancakes, which are almost similar to appams. Satisfied!

Thank God It’s Friday! Today, I experienced a first. Falling on a bus due to a jam brake. And I was the only one who fell. I thought I was going to faint from embarrassment… Haha. But now I know what it feels like to be in the shoes of people who are involved in public accidents. Silver lighting in every cloud, am I wrong? :)

I had a marvellous time catching up with Elisha and BenFoo at Cupplets! I’m such a lucky girl to have two younger brothers-in-Christ to journey with. Thank you both for taking time off to come back to school to spend quality time with me. I pray that your seven weeks of holiday will prove to be a fruitful time. In the near future, you can expect ratings for the cafes or makan places I visit, so that there is some measure of comparativeness (credits to the two wacky fellas, of course). Deliciousness of food will be rated according to length of time spent in food coma, up to a maximum of five hours. Affordability of food will be quantified qualitatively, from “hangout with friends” to “bring your dad”. I’m sorry if this does not appear humorous to you.

Saturday: #JESandXR’sWedding #WSCSWesleyFoodFair #SingaporeNightFestival
Events I missed: HCI’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Mandy’s Farewell

Honestly, I was contemplating to not turn up for the wedding… Because I didn’t have a nice dress to wear / because I wanted to laze in bed more / because I would have to socialise but I have nothing special to say since my week was similar to the last. Blah. Nevertheless I’m glad I got my bum out of the house. If not, it would have been another mundane weekend.

Weddings are such joyous occasions… And I am reminded of God’s love once again. I imagine that I can never be reminded enough. Humans have too short a memory term. If I hadn’t gone to church, I wouldn’t have found out about a cool secret, nor would I have tagged along with Emily to WMC for their funfair, nor would I have gotten to taste bleeding amazing tarts (coconut pineapple lime x strawberry macaron) by Charlotte Grace Cakeshop.

On Sunday was the beloved Community Breakfast! We had a pretty good spread, including Bun Master‘s 流沙面包, banana cakes, banana chips, salted caramel cookies and oatmeal cookies (all my favourites lol), and the games were pretty dope! I felt so youthful participating in them. After YM, I also met my Mission Trip Team at the Prayer Chapel. It would be erroneous to dismiss working with older women as a boring task, because I know that God has placed me in the team for a reason. Off-hand, I will learn to work under a different authority and listen to the wisdom of the group. Of course, since I’m the youngest, it would be easier to forgive my misgivings and carelessness :P

Everyone please try Teochew Handmade Pau. Mini paus = diet friendly. Cheers!
Also, visit Dancing Crab for the AMAZING FRESH SEAFOOD + LOBSTER ROLLS


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