Eating my way through University Life

Eating my way through University Life


Woke up feeling pretty haphazard, because I slept way later than my usual bedtime. But it was worth it, because I had some very interesting conversations and made some very important decisions (one of which was to submit my application for Cambodia Mission Trip in December). Super eggcites and #YOLO! This afternoon, I met BB Claire for brunch at Stirling Highway. Noob us took 30 minutes to navigate our way around that area… It’s located quite out of the way, but looking on the bright side, we had an amazing time in deep conversations while simultaneously burning calories. Anyway, SH’s pulled pork pancakes were palatable and value-for-money… Our tummies were immensely satisfied with the sweet and savoury combination. Two thumbs up for customer service. Lovely little hide-out; great for mugging.


First experience at the six consecutive hours of accounting modules. Almost died in the first four hours because the lessons were utterly boring… Thank God for company law to keep me awake. Probably the best module chosen for the semester.

Scoopz @ NTU Canteen One serves a mean version of creamy avocado ice-cream, with a texture similar to turkish ice-cream, and soft-and-occasionally-crispy waffles similar to what Udders offers. The best part is its price point: $3.90 for the combination I had. Wow. Thank God this is one of the very few chances I have to dine in NTU… Or you’ll see my food baby in full-term by the end of the semester. 


Today, I met Steph at Yomenya Goemon for one final fellowship-over-lunch before she flies to Melbourne for two weeks of fun and celebrations! As usual, our conversations had no proper direction – we just talked about stuff like personal growth, struggles & concerns, work & study, application of the scripture in churches today, controversial topics, yummilicious food, inspirational figures of our lives etc. She is definitely a huge blessing to me *wide smile* After lunch, I decided to study in Costa Coffee, and Steph joined me since her boss wasn’t in and the only task she had was to read some research articles. I think I concentrate better when studying outside, because I would not have the inclination to watch videos on Youtube…


Lunch: Lamb Shank Pie @ Pies & Coffee
What I did today: Freeze in BF2201 Investments
Feeling: Good after a night run.

Thank God It’s Friday!

I shan’t bore you with my mundane school life. Of course, food makes everything better. When I say ‘food’, I am also subtly alluding to the spiritual food I get daily from Scriptures. I’m currently making my way through the book of Ephesians. As I read more and more of God’s word, I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit working in me. Words would be inadequate to describe the internal change that I’m experiencing, but hopefully it will lead to an outward revelation and people will be able to witness this.

I originally had a meeting scheduled at 4.30pm after school, but it got cancelled (yay, no obligations to stay in boring NTU). However, I was having a weird craving for 비빔밥 (BBB), so I went to Cafe by the Quad to indulge in some. Also, I watched an episode of Joseon Gunman while I was there. When I got home, my grandmother called me to say that she was at Mellben Seafood and got me a whole salted egg crab (no one was having dinner at home that night so I had the whole $55 crab to myself LOL). My grandfather dutifully bought some 猫山王 durians for me as well. I felt so blessed and bloated with happiness. 


Had a really good time sleeping till 8.45am today! It’s a luxury to wake up after 8am. However, I woke up with many itchy welts on my legs, probably an allergic reaction from stuffing my face with crab yesterday. Darn. Oh well.

After waking, I managed to finish doing up my slides for AC2102’s Presentation on Process-Costing, BF2207’s Assignment 1A and revised some CLaw. Brunch, or more appropriately, lunch, was at Spruce (Bukit Timah, Old Fire Station). I had the Spruce Signature Ahi Tuna Tartar, which came with half an avocado and toasted ciabatta. A good balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats. I also had a good conversation with mom, which I think is important, because we haven’t been speaking properly to each other due to her examinations. 


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