Fall Happiness

Fall Happiness

NY Homecoming and EXPO

Thankfully for this event, I finally visited my alma mater after 3 years! Nothing radical has changed, which made the nostalgia even more overwhelming. I guess the saying is true: once a Nanyang girl, always a Nanyang girl. During the Expo Fair, I managed to try some goodies from popular bakeries and cafe set up by the alumni. This included Jara Petit Cheesecups and Supperman. Lola’s Cafe, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Tung Lok Specialties also had booths set up. Ugh, I wish I had more stomach space! On a happier note, I also bagged a pretty floral romper from Love, Bonito! It will arrive in 6 weeks time. Yay!

Of course, the best part was bumping into fellow schoolmates whom I have not talked to for the longest time and spending quality time with my besties (I even got the privilege to meet BB Liu’s Mr. Kdrama). Haha. Inside joke.

Young Adult Ministry BBQ

I did not expect to gain anything from this BBQ, except for fats and calories… But conversing with the older adults in this ministry proved to be the most spiritually-fulfilling thing I did that day. I guess the main takeaway is that God can bless you wherever you are. Just take the courage to step out of your comfort zone, and you’ll receive more than you can ever imagine.


Lastly, today’s main takeaway from “Finding God in Your Studies”: Discipleship is allowing God to permeate into every sphere of my life. Everything you do is an act of worship to God. I strongly believe in this doctrine, and it took me a long time to realise this myself, so I’m overjoyed that it was addressed to the younger ones. Lunch after leader’s meeting was at Saigon Kitchen @ Thomson Plaza, where I enjoyed the freshness of a Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork Noodle Salad #yumyuminmytumtum. After returning home, my brother and I took an hour evening nap. Best decision ever. Then, I ended my day with a night run :D


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