The last week of summer holidays…

The last week of summer holidays…

Followers of my Instagram would know that I’ve been spending the week meaningfully, and, of course, gastronomically satisfyingly #yuminthetums #whatididonmylastweekofsummer


As mentioned in my previous post, I spent my afternoon with my new mentor! The session was basically an exchange of information that would help each individual to get to know the other person deeper. This took place at Bodacious (what a dodgy name, I know), which happened to be a new establishment I wanted to visit. It was conveniently located at Biopolis, where Steph worked, so we quickly settled on this lunch location.

Bodacious Bar & Bistro:


I started my day with an episode of ‘Trot Lovers’ and a breakfast feast of a whole dragonfruit, four mini bananas, longans, watermelon cubes and a punnet of blueberries (my appetite is humongous). The more eventful part was meeting my sec3/4 clique – now known as the #cafehoppie group, humbly coined by yours truly – over waffles, scrambled eggs and coffee. I treasure this group of friends dearly, because we’ve watched each other grow and mature over the years. I do pray that after many years have passed, we’d still be able to meet up and reminiscent about the crazy days we had in NYGH. My adolescent years wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Assembly Coffee:


Lunch was due with one of my TRACKERS classmates @ Sushi Burrito, 100AM. I’ve never really gotten the opportunity to talk to her on a face-to-face / one-on-one basis, so this was a golden time for me to get to know her better! The amazing thing about spending time with a fellow member of the body of Christ is that awkward social barriers are broken down. I am willing to be vulnerable, because I subscribe to the belief that we are constantly trying to, instead of tear each other down, build each other up.

Sushi Burrito:


I had no plans for today, and was craving for some steamy, soupy chinese delights. So, I dragged my grandmother (whom I affectionately call ‘poppy’) along to 鼎泰豐。I’ve tasted the original XLBs and noodles from Taipei, so I wanted to be adventurous and order their seasonal offerings. Poppy happily obliged. We had: 1) Oriental Salad in Vinegar Dressing; 2) Chili Crab XLBs, 3) Flavoured Pork Dumpling, and 4) Red Bean Paste Dumpling. The food did not disappoint, but the waiting time for the four dishes to arrive felt exceptionally long. Probably because we ordered the more unconventional items, so they had to prepare them from scratch? In any case, we left DTF as happy customers, and poppy even wanted to tip them.

Din Tai Fung:


If I were halfway through an academic semester right now, I would shout TGIF. But the fact remains that SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK T.T I dread school mainly because of my unorganised timetable. I’m still praying rather hard for someone to switch indexes with me.

After YMLC, I felt a strong conviction to read the Bible from cover to cover. My goal is to read at least one chapter every day, and more if I felt lead to. I was curious about the differences between the Four Gospels, since they all narrate the Jesus’ ministry on earth. If you’re interested in knowing the differences, check out: Examining the Four Gospels; it is rather informative, and would definitely be an eye-opener. Otherwise, google is your best friend.

Lesson of the Day: the hardest part of a run is to start, but the best part is ending one. Prior to starting, I entertain thoughts. Thoughts about not being able to complete the route; thoughts about being out of breath and feeling disappointed with myself; thoughts about running at a slow pace, hence rendering my effort to run in vain; thoughts about being adequately fuelled, because my last meal taken was either too long ago or too soon; thoughts about procrastinating… because the clouds look ominous (or is it just from my angle?) Here’s the truth: there’s hardly going to be a ‘perfect’ time to run, so just get going. It doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you end.


Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore! When I was younger (ie. primary school age), my extended family used to spend National Day together at my aunt’s place, because there, we managed to get good views of the fireworks. This tradition stopped after the NDP was shifted to the floating platform. But this year, because our family ‘home’ was renovated, my uncle organised a get-together to celebrate our nation’s forty-nineth. What better way to celebrate our country’s birthday than with our own family?

Family forms the bedrock of our relationships. In that environment, we learn about love, sacrifice, harmony and true acceptance. It is where we first learn to trust, to be dependent, to be vulnerable, to be comfortable in our own skin. No one, however, is born into an ideal family. We are all dysfunctional in one way or another. But that’s only natural – that’s the beauty of being in a family in the first place! Words are inadequate to describe the importance of family in shaping my personality and attitudes in life. I love them so verily much.


National Day is a saving grace. Monday is a school holiday `(^.^)3


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