Minor Updates!

Minor Updates!

Yesterday, TMC Youth Ministry had the privilege of hearing from a big man with a big heart. Although it’s not my first time witnessing an old-school phone book being ripped into half, testimonies that come after such demonstrations never fail to leave a huge impact. I am special: fearfully and wonderfully made; each and every one of us! Any claim against Scriptures is a lie.

Today was rather eventful. I met up with Steph in the afternoon over lunch to discuss the possibility of a mentorship. As she’s the first person I’ve approached to become my mentor (because God has graciously appointed many inspiring leaders in my life without me asking), I was initially apprehensive… What if expectations are not met? What if I’m adding on to her burdens? Can I truly be vulnerable in my sharing, or answerable to my actions and decisions?

We like to walk in the dark. Because the shadows hide our weaknesses, our sinful nature, and our mistakes. If they are exposed, our pride and ‘image’ may be hurt. Perhaps this is the very reason why accountability partners and mentors are pivotal in every disciple’s life. While we are tempted to remain in darkness, we need somebody to challenge us to walk in the light.

I’m excited to see where God will lead us both – but it’s going to be a long journey. Eternity is nothing short of long. Speaking of long, I’m longing to watch my new-found drama: Gunman in Joseon.


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