Running in Circles

Running in Circles

Please have a listen; it is such a powerful reminder to all of us to surrender our anxieties before the Cross because we tend to take matters into our own hands and end up failing miserably.


For the past two days, I’ve been fervently churning out my Melbourne-Sydney Travel Itinerary for December! I’m so gastronomically spoilt for choice because of the strong cafe culture in both cities. Ahh, I wish I had a higher metabolism rate / larger stomach space… Or a hungrier travel buddy, but sadly, my mom eats less than me (boohoo!), so decisions, decisions…

School is starting in approximately 11 days. Not entirely looking forward to it, given that my timetable is still in a mess; I’m crossing my fingers that someone(s) would swop indexes with me + drop out of AB2000 so I can register for it. Although I love my #slacklife, and am adjusting pretty well to it, I know this lifestyle cannot subsist… After all, without tough days, there are no golden ones.

I should decide what to do tmrw. Please let it be a sunny day!


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