Goodness comes from the Father

Goodness comes from the Father

If you’ve known me long enough, you would know the person who inspires me most: my mother. Although it would take me a while to ponder through and answer, I cannot find fault with my conclusion. Besides being the figure of unconditional love and unwavering patience (work-in-progress), she has bewildered me with her lifestyle, wisdom and independence.

Conversations with my mother have never been mundane. In fact, her mouth is analogous to a treasure box. You never know what you’d discover unless you open it. Or, until she opens it. Some treasures I’ve accumulated over the years: financial management (being thrifty, saving up, investing in stocks etc.), dealing with one’s emotions and feelings, BGR (although I have this entirely dedicated to God, it’s still amusing to discuss), and many many more.

My mother doesn’t pamper herself. Whether by discipline or by choice, I don’t know. However, I do know for sure that her childrens’ well-being take precedence. I’m not trying to boast, but seriously… how many mothers would spend a minimal amount of time and money on personal shopping / entertainment / beauty & healthcare treatments / fancy meals, and channel all the energy and savings into ensuring that by the time her children graduates from school, he AND she would have either a condominium OR a portfolio of stocks?!

Thank. You. Mummy. I. Love. You. (And will honour you in my very best effort).


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