Summer IMPACT Camp

Summer IMPACT Camp

As Facebook churns out new feeds about my American friends’ anticipation of their summer plans, I couldn’t help but think back to the time I had in Italy. If I had to say one thing I gained from the trip, it was a confrontation of my true nature. I learnt the extent of my selfishness, the costs I’m unwilling to bear and my own hypocrisy. Concomitantly, I experienced the humble simplistic life, meaning in ministry and wisdom in knowledge. I met people from different walks of life and was forced to live with them, step out of my comfort zone, be forced to answer questions I didn’t want to, and the list goes on. If asked whether I would want to participate in such a program again, I must honestly say that I’m not sure. Will I be up to confront my true colours again? Will I live the days differently? Am I ready to be disappointed with myself again?



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